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  The Sun Does Rise 


By Ruby



It had been almost three months since the case started and Patrick Manning was not making it easy for the undercover agent to win his trust.  Ezra felt he was almost there, but realistically it was going to turn into another month before he had all the information needed to put Manning away.


 "Another month away from her." Ezra sighed aloud to an empty room.  He went to the mirror to take one last look at his bowtie to make sure it was straight.  He was headed to a charity dinner that Manning insisted he needed to attend because he wanted Ezra to meet all of his business partners and investors. Ezra was hoping this would be the break he'd been waiting for.  As he grabbed his car keys and walked out the door he wondered what his love was doing to pass this Friday evening. 




As Remy quickly threw her wild strawberry-blonde curls into a twist and pinned them allowing a few tendrils to fall down and frame her face she thought.  "That will do."  Her heart just wasn't into going to the charity dinner, but Janelle insisted. 


"Girl you need to get out of that house and live a little. Expensive food and drinks not to mention a room full of incredibly rich people; what could be better?" Janelle had said on more than one occasion over the past week since Janelle's father had given her the $5000.00 a plate tickets.


Remyy could think of better ways to spend her night, but she'd promised and after all, since she'd moved in with Ezra, she and Janelle had barely spent any time together outside of work.  She took one last look at her dress in the mirror and thought how much Ezra would love it.  He loved when Remy wore blue; saying it complimented her eyes.  As she slowly walked to her car she wondered where Ezra was tonight and if he was ok. 




Janelle and Remy made their way into the Crystal Ballroom and quickly scanned for Janelle's father.  He was standing and talking with a group of handsomely dressed men.  As they made their way over to him he excused himself and put out his hands to take Janelle's and pull her into a huge hug.


"My darling, I'm so glad you came." As Janelle's father placed a kiss on her forehead.


"Miss spending time with my favorite guy? Never." Janelle said with a huge smile


Continuing to hold onto his daughter's hand, he turned and greeted Remy, "Remy, how nice of you to come."


"Thank you for inviting me, Mr. Reynolds."  Remy gave the most sincere smile she could muster.  There was something about the man she didn't trust, but Janelle worshipped him…so Remy kept her feelings to herself.


"Girls, I have some people I would like you to meet.  Come with me." Mr. Reynolds said as he led them through the crowd that was beginning to form and toward the group of men he had been speaking to when the ladies had walked in.


"Gentleman I would like you to meet my daughter and her friend," he said beaming.


After the introductions were made, and a bit of small talk, the only men remaining were Janelle's father and a Mr. Manning.  Remy recognized the name; he was frequently in Mary's newspaper for charities and fundraisers he sponsored around the city.  He was a very charming man and seemed to be focusing on her as his target for conversation. Janelle was so wrapped up in the conversation with her father that she wasn't getting Remy's 'get me outta here' signals.  As Remy stood there trying her best to be cordial, a very familiar face came into view heading in her direction.  As Ezra walked over he didn't see Remy talking with Manning until it was too late. She was so totally thrown off guard and shocked that she didn't make a move or a sound, which saved her from blowing his cover.


"Ezra, my good man, I'd like you to meet someone." Manning ushered him over.  He introduced Janelle's father, Janelle and then Remy.  Ezra took the hand she extended and gently kissed it with no sign of shock on his face.  She on the other hand was a bundle of nerves.  Thank God for small favors… when Mr. Manning introduced Ezra as Ezra Stanton, Janelle picked up on what was happening right away. She quickly grabbed Remy's hand and made the excuse that they needed a drink from the bar.  In Remy's case it was not an excuse.  When the women made it to the bar Janelle quickly turned to Remy and whispered.


"Remy I think we should go."


"Oh, ya think?" she snapped back.


"Like I knew he was going to be here."


"I'm sorry, I know.  I can't believe these past couple months he's been right here in the city," she said still dazed.


The next thing Remy knew Janelle's father was gathering them up and leading them to their table refusing to hear the women's excuses about leaving.  Janelle and Ruby decided they'd wait until after dinner and then make their getaway when the dancing started.  What was the harm of staying for dinner?






Tables were made up of eight seats and so they ended up sitting at the table with Mr. Manning and his entourage, which included one Ezra Stanton.




Ezra made his way through the room making small talk with the few business associates of Manning's that he had already been introduced to on previous occasions.  After a quick scan of the room he was sure tonight was going to be the beginning of the end for one Patrick Manning.  As he spotted the man he was searching for a face he hadn't laid eyes on for almost three months came into sight as well. When Remy looked up the recognition was written all over her face and he prayed silently that Manning hadn't noticed.  He tried to slip past, but Manning had already caught sight of him, waving for him to come join them.  The introductions were made and he realized one of the men they were linking in connection with Manning was Janelle's father.  JD had gone above and beyond researching the past and personal links of all their suspects.  How had this gotten past the young agent?  However, it was too late to worry about that now.  He only hoped that JD, Buck and Vin, who were outside providing surveillance, heard this through his wire and would came up with something quick to get these women out of here. As he watched them break from the group with the excuse about getting a drink, it crossed his mind that maybe they would take this chance and leave.  As wonderful as it was to see Remy, she looked so beautiful tonight; he didn't want them in any danger. He quickly became alarmed again when he realized they were joining Mr. Manning's table. It took all his willpower not to go to her.  Instead all he could do was sit and watch as another man, a very dangerous man, made suggestive innuendoes and flirted with the most important person in Ezra's life and there was nothing he could do without risking his cover.




Did the man not take hints?  "I'm not interested!" Remy silently screamed to herself.  The man was so full of himself!!  Just when she didn't think she could take anymore she spotted Buck, wearing a tuxedo, coming through the tables and heading right for her.


"Sugar. I got your note and I thought I would join you," he said while placing a huge kiss on Ruby, most likely to hide her shock. "I've missed you so much." And he kissed her again.  He so was going to get it later!


"I missed you too," she said, hoping it sounded sincere. 


Buck took over and introduced himself to the table. When all the introductions were complete he took her hand and practically drug Remy from her seat.  Once they were safely on the dance floor and out of view he spoke.


"What are you doing here darlin?" he asked with a big cheesy grin so that anyone out of earshot thought they were having a friendly conversation.


"Buck, I had no idea Ezra would be here.  I didn't even know he was in the city.  I swear," she answered on the verge of tears. 


"No, don't cry, Remy. I know.  You just threw us off is all.  It will be all right.  What we need to do now is dance a few and then get you outta here so your man can get back to focusing on his job. Ok?" he said while twirling her around the dance floor.


"Ok," she whispered.


"Remy, why is it that Janelle and her father have different last names?" he questioned.


" He's not her real father.  He was married to her mother briefly when she was younger and after their split they still stayed close.  She never knew her paternal father.  Why?" She looked at him curiously.


"Oh, no reason," he said while suddenly dipping her and for the first time that evening Remy actually was enjoying herself.


After a few dances Buck, Janelle, and Ruby said their good-byes to the men at the table and made their way to the parking lot.




Ezra had never been so glad to see Buck in all his life.  Granted they were going to have a little talk about the kisses he planted on Remy, but for now he was glad she was away from Manning.  He watched as they danced and wished for the day when he could hold her again and suddenly jealous of the time Buck had with her.  When Buck and Remy announced to the table they were leaving the look on Manning's face was priceless. Ezra knew he would soon bounce back and find another victim, however.  Women were Manning's weakness. 


Ezra's heart dropped as he watched her walk out with Buck, but he knew it was for the best.  Turning back to the men at the table, Ezra dove back into business, more determined than before to end this case ASAP so he could get back to his life and his love. 


Once in the parking lot Buck decided it was best for appearance sake that Remy be seen leaving in his truck with him.  They followed Janelle back to her apartment where Remy had left her Jeep.


Buck and Remy rode in silence until they were about five minutes from Janelle's apartment.  She could feel his eyes on her so she finally looked up and met his stare.  He actually looked worried, for her, for Ezra, maybe both of them and then he broke the silence.


"Remy, you gonna' be ok?" he asked looking at her and then back to the road.


"I think so.  He looked good.  I mean he looked like he's all right," she said almost pleading for him to agree with her.


"Yeah, ol' Ez is the best at what he does he'll be fine.  Don't you worry your pretty little head."


"It's Manning isn't it?" she asked watching his facial expression.


He looked at her and then back to the road again.


"You know I can't answer that Remy."


She knew he couldn't, but the expression on his face told Remy all she needed to know.


"Janelle's father is a part of all this isn't he?" she pressed on.


"Remy! Please don't ask me anymore.  I can't discuss this with you."


"Buck, she's my best friend.  I need to know if I should prepare for the worst."


He turned and with what looked like tears in his eyes and answered her.

"It's good she has you Remy cause she's gonna' need ya."


And with that they had pulled up to Janelle's apartment building where she was waiting in her car for Buck and Ruby.  Remy leaned across and gave Buck a hug and thanked him for everything.  Totally forgetting she owed him for the kisses he planted on her at the dinner, instead her thoughts were now on Janelle.


Right before she shut the door she leaned back in and said. "Be careful…all of you!" and then she shut the door and Buck pulled away with a honk and a wave.


Janelle wanted Remy to stay the night because she knew Remy wasn't going to get any sleep, but she needed to be alone and she wasn't quite sure how she could face Janelle knowing what was ahead.  Janelle worshipped her father and when this all went down she was going to be crushed.  Remy left with a promise to call Janelle in the morning.  As much as Remy wanted to leave, she wasn't sure if she was ready to face an empty house yet so she put on her favorite oldies station and just drove, lost in her thoughts. 




True to form, Manning found a new skirt to chase and spent the rest of the evening doing just that, with the exception that this woman didn't give him much of a fight.  Something good came out of this situation, while Manning went to 'get his rocks off', he sent Ezra to the weekly meeting with his 'associates' in his place.  Ezra learned more in that 1 ½ hour meeting than he had in the first three months of the case.  He left the meeting on a high and with the trust he needed, earned.  As he was driving back to his rented apartment he was using for the assignment he did something he's never done before while on a case.  He broke protocol; making a u-turn he headed in the direction of his house.  He parked a few blocks away and snuck in the back door.  The only light on in the house was the one above the stove.  He made his way to the stairs and quietly made his accent.  When he reached the bedroom door he stopped for a minute trying to decide what the hell he was going to do.  He knew if she was awake and saw him what would happen.  He listened at the door and didn't hear anything so he slowly opened the door and with the moonlight coming in the window he could see she wasn't in the bed.


 Where was she?  He thought.


 He made his way downstairs and just as he reached the bottom of the steps he heard her key in the door.  He went into the living room and sat in the high back chair in the corner. With the lights out and the dark color of his tuxedo he hoped he would blend into the corner and she wouldn't see him.  He honestly didn't know why he was hiding from her, mostly because he knew in his heart if he touched her he'd never want to leave.  She put her keys on the table in the entranceway and came into the living room.  She went to the CD player and turned it on. Out came the music from a CD he'd made for her before he left.  He had known it was going to be a long case and he told her to play it whenever she needed to feel close to him.  He'd made one for himself and listened to it every night before he attempted sleep.  She walked over to the mini bar and turned on the tiny light pulling out his favorite brandy and poured a glass.  She took a sip and put her hands on the bar; her back hunched and her head dropped and then her shoulders started to shake.  He couldn't hear over the music, but he knew she was crying.  He was about to get up and go to her and then her cell phone rang.




On her drive Remy had attempted to get a hold of Sunni. Completely forgetting Sunni was on a date tonight she left a message asking Sunni to get back to her ASAP no matter how late or early it was.  Remy knew she was in the calm before the storm and more sooner than later she was going to loose it and Sunni was the best at calming her down when she reached hysterical proportions. 


As soon as Remy went into the house she headed right for the CD player and turned it on.  She needed something other than silence to fill the empty house.  She went to the bar and pulled out the brandy Ezra saved for special and celebratory occasions.  Even though there was nothing of tonight that remotely called for celebration, it most definitely qualified as 'special'.  It's not every night that ones best friend insists you go to a charity dinner to get your mind off your lover, only to find him undercover trying to bring down a gunrunner. Who, it just so happens, is considered by most of the city as a 'pillar of the community.' Oh…and his partner is your best friends father. And with that thought Remy lost it.  All the tears that she held back all night came flowing out.  When it rains it pours and in her case it was a full-blown hurricane.  Her breakdown was interrupted when her cell phone rang. She pulled it out of her handbag and saw it was Sunni.  Turning off the CD with the remote, Remy answered. 




Ezra waited and hoped everything was ok.  When Remy answered and thanked Sunni for calling back he knew he could relax a bit.  He knew if anyone could calm her down it was Sunni.  She was a great friend to Remy and he was glad she had her, especially at times like this.  While continuing her conversation she turned the light off on the bar and walked around the sofa, sitting down with her drink.  They talked for quite a bit giving Ezra a bit of insight on what she'd been doing to keep busy over the weeks and months while he was away. 


Remy and Sunni finished the conversation with plans to go to the city zoo tomorrow…somewhere Remy was sure she would not run into Ezra.  That gave him a huge smile…she knew how much he hated the zoo…it smelled 'atrocious' according to him. 


She threw the phone on the coffee table and turned the CD player back on before lying down on the couch and falling asleep still holding her drink.  He wasn't sure how long he sat there watching over her, but the CD had repeated once already.  He finally stirred up enough will power to get off the chair and walk over to the couch.  He sat down on the coffee table and took in her beauty.  The strapless sailor blue dress she wore tonight was so beautiful on her.  And lying here she looked like an angel.  Carefully, so not to wake her, he took the glass from her hand and put it on the table then he took her favorite throw and covered her. Taking one last look at her he placed a feather light kiss on her forehead and whispered ever so quietly.


"Sleep soundly my angel, I'll be home soon."


And with that he got up and walked out of the house just as his special song for her started to play.



Blue eyes

Baby's got blue eyes

Like a deep blue sea

On a blue blue day

Blue eyes

Baby's got blue eyes

When the morning comes

I'll be far away

And I say


Blue eyes

Holding back the tears

Holding back the pain

Baby's got blue eyes

And she's alone again


Blue eyes

Baby's got blue eyes

Like a clear blue sky

Watching over me

Blue eyes

I love blue eyes

When I'm by her side

Where I long to be

I will see


Blue eyes laughing in the sun

Laughing in the rain

Baby's got blue eyes

And I am home, and I am home again.




Saturday afternoon found Remy sitting on her couch deep in thought while she waited for Sunni to pick her up for their date at the zoo.  It was a beautiful spring day and Remy was looking forward to getting outside and enjoying it.  Just as she was about to call Sunni and see what was holding her up the doorbell rang.  Fully expecting to see her friend but instead she was greeted by a vase filled with white tulips. 


Her favorite!!! 


As she looked at them in shock, a familiar face peeked around the arrangement.


"Hey Remy!  These were delivered to my house," Sunni said, beaming.


"To your house?  And they're for me?" Remy questioned.


"Yep, the card has your name on it, but the delivery guy said they were c/o me.  Quick, open the card and see who they're from," she said, handing the card to Remy.



Remy already had an idea who they were from.  Only one person knew what her favorite flower was.


Opening the card she read:


My Dearest Remy,

You looked absolutely ravishing last evening.  Don't worry about me, all is well. 

I love you and will be home soon. Enjoy your day at the zoo.

Lovingly Yours,



As Sunni read the card over Remy's shoulder she asked, "How did Ezra know we were going to the zoo today?"


And that's when it all made sense.  The glass sitting on the coffee table not spilled on the floor; her waking to find the throw over her and the dream of Ezra speaking to her last night. 


"He was here last night," Remy said out loud, still staring at the card.


"What? Are you sure?"


"It's the only explanation.  The only two people who knew we were going to the zoo today were you and I.  He must have been in the house."


"That doesn't make any sense.  Why take the risk of seeing you and then not spend time with you?" Sunni questioned, while looking around the house as if she was expecting Ezra to pop out at any moment. 


"Because he knew if we did he wouldn't be strong enough to leave," Remy answered as she reached out to carefully touch the tulips.


Finally pulling from her daze, Remy carried the tulips to the living room and placed them on the mantle.  She then grabbed her jacket and they were out the door to enjoy the day.




Across the city in an abandoned warehouse Ezra waited for a meeting that Manning had called at the last minute.  Taking every precaution, the rest of Team Seven was outside in position and ready, just in case something went down.  After three long months everyone, especially Ezra, was crossing their fingers that today would be the day. 


Finally, after almost a half an hour had passed, Manning and two of his goons came through the back door of the warehouse.  Ezra suddenly had a bad feeling and was thankful he let JD talk him into testing out the young agents newest bug that was now concealed in Ezra's Rolex watch.


"Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, Ezra," Manning said as he walked over to join him.


"My pleasure.  And where are the rest of your associates?" Ezra asked with even more worry.


"This is a private meeting so they won't be joining us.  Before I explain why I've called you here I'm sure you'll understand if my men check you for any weapons and listening devises," he said with a smirk even the devil would be proud of.


"Of course not," Ezra answered while putting his arms straight out at his sides so the men could check him and hoping the promise JD made that the bug would not be detected was not just a hunch on the young mans' part.


When the men gave Manning the nod that all was clear he proceeded with the conversation, suddenly losing his smile and donning a very serious face


"Well Ezra, it has come to my attention that we have a spy in our association."


"Any idea who?" Ezra asked suddenly worried, but not allowing it to show on his face.


"Why yes, as a matter of fact we do," Manning said looking past Ezra while the smile crept back onto his distinguished face.


"Are you going to enlighten me as to whom or am I to guess," Ezra said with a smile of his own forming.


"As a matter of fact yes, Mr. Stanton.  Or should I say Standish?" Came a familiar voice from behind Ezra.


Ezra turned around to find himself face to face with Mr. Reynolds, Janelle's stand in father.


"I knew last night when I met you I had seen your face before and after a visit to my daughters apartment this morning I remembered from where. It seems she has a picture of you and Remy on her mantle. After seeing the picture I remembered her telling me months back about the two of you while showing me the picture," Reynolds said while pulling a gun out of his jacket pocket.


"It's truly a shame.  From what Janelle has told me the two of you are a fairytale come true," Reynolds continued while aiming the gun at Ezra's chest and smiling.


Ezra stood still, taking it all in and hoping his backup would be here soon. 


"Don't worry Ezra, my good man.  I'll take care of your ladylove.  It seems we hit it off quite nicely last evening and after all, she'll need someone to comfort her when your body is found.  That's if it's ever found," Manning piped in from behind Ezra.


It was that comment that set Ezra over the edge.  He quickly turned on his heels and went after Manning.  Unfortunately he was not quick enough as Reynolds fired his gun and hit Ezra twice in the back.  


Outside, the minute Team Seven heard Ezra's cover had been blown; they scattered to cover all the exits from the warehouse. Just as the last agent reached his mark, the shots were heard.


"Go! Go!" shouted Chris into the mic on his collar. "JD, call an ambulance. Nathan get to Ezra and make sure he's ok."


In a matter of minutes both of Manning's goons and Reynolds were apprehended.  However, Manning didn't find himself so lucky.  While leaving his men and Reynolds behind to take the fall he went in the other direction.  When Vin cut him off, he pulled out his gun to shoot and was taken down. Manning would never be getting back up.


Nathan had reached Ezra's side and quickly realized if the undercover agent didn't get to a hospital soon he was going to bleed to death. 




Remy was in the kitchen fixing a late dinner when the call from Buck came.  At first what he was telling her about Ezra didn't seem real.  Ezra was shot and in emergency surgery?  No, it was a dream again and any moment now she was going to wake up. 


Then the doorbell rang.  She was still holding the phone to her ear, but had yet to answer Buck.


The doorbell rang a second time and after a few moments Josiah came into the kitchen.  He figured when Remy didn't answer the door he should go in and make sure she was ok. He found her on the floor of the kitchen with her knees pulled up to her chest just staring at the phone. The phone was on the floor now and Josiah could hear Buck yelling her name.  He picked up the phone and let Buck know he'd arrived and would make sure Remy got to the hospital. 


When Remy heard Josiah's voice and felt his arms around her trying to get her to stand up she realized it wasn't a dream.  Ezra was hurt and needed her.  She pulled herself out of her shock-induced haze and put her sneakers back on so they could go. 


Josiah didn't follow any traffic laws on the way to the hospital he as much as Remy wanted to be there when the doctor came out of surgery to report Ezra's condition.




After what seemed like endless hours, the surgeon finally found the silent, worried group in the waiting room.  Chris didn't even let the doctor get in the door before he stood up and asked how Ezra was.


"We were able to retrieve both bullets, but Mr. Standish has lost a lot of blood and it will be touch and go for the next 24 to 48 hours." The doctor said with a sympathetic look to Remy who sat ashen faced between Buck and Josiah.


Chris pulled the doctor aside to ask a few more questions and then the doctor excused himself and was out the door. Chris turned and saw Remy had yet to even acknowledge that the doctor had been there.  He went and knelt in front of her and took her hands in his.


"Remy," waiting to get a sign she heard him.


"Remy." Chris said again, squeezing her hands lightly.


This time she looked up and he could see the tears that were building but had yet to fall.


"Remy, Ezra will be fine.  He's too stubborn to give up." He paused and with his hand took her chin and raised it so she was gently forced to face him, before he continued. "Ezra has too much to live for Remy." And then he saw the tears roll down her face.


"I want to see him.  I need him to know I'm here," she said barely loud enough for even Chris to hear.


"Ok, the doctor said two at a time." And he took her hand to help her up.


Even though only two were allowed in, the rest of the team followed behind Chris and Remy, waiting outside until it was their turn to see their fallen friend. 


What Remy saw was horrifying.  All the tubes and machines that Ezra was hooked up to him were unreal.  He was so pale.  She went to the side of the bed and took his hand in hers.  She stood there for quite awhile before she spoke.


"I'm here baby,"she leaned in and whispered.  "I'm not going anywhere. I'm going to watch over you as you did me last night." She barely got out the words before the dam burst and she lost it. 


Chris grabbed her shoulders and held on until she stopped.  Just then Buck peeked in and said Sunni was there to see Remy.  Chris whispered something to Remy and she shook her head before heading to Buck at the door. Once she reached him, he took her hand and led her out of the room to Sunni. 




It had been two days and Ezra had yet to wake up.  The only one to leave the hospital was Chris and he only left long enough to take care of turning what information and evidence they had on Reynolds in to Orin Travis who was taking care of the rest so Team Seven could be with Ezra.


Somewhere during those two days, although Remy wasn't sure when, Janelle came by to pay her respects.  She was destroyed, not only by the criminal activity her father had been conducting, but that he was the person who shot Ezra.  Under the circumstances Remy did her best to comfort her friend and convince her she laid no blame at all on her for what had gone down at the warehouse.  After a tearful good-bye and a promise to pass on her apologies to Ezra, Janelle left to get on a plane to Pennsylvania to be with her mother.  Janelle knew her presence bothered the men of Team Seven and Remy had them and Sunni to see her through what lied ahead. 




Finally in the early morning of the third day, Ezra opened his eyes.  He was very groggy and hard to understand, but Remy was able to make out an "I love you'. 


After a thorough check up the doctor gave the six men and Remy the good news that Ezra would be fine. 


Remy couldn't remember a time when she had felt so much relief.  As she looked around the room at the six men who even in their time of grief and worry were her rocks, she had an overwhelming sense of belonging wash over her. 


After a small celebration in the waiting room and a round of hugs from the team she sent them on their way home and promised to call if there was any news. 


She made her way back to Ezra's room and found him sleeping.  As she stood there looking down on Ezra, knowing how close she came to losing him and everything precious to her. As well as all she and their friends had been through over the last couple of days, Remy realized that in everyone's life a little rain will fall and for some that rain could turn into a flood. But in the end, if you're strong enough to weather the storm, than the sun does rise.


 ~The End~