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  The Silk Robe 

By Ruby

Emma awoke with a startle.  She thought she heard a gunshot and it came from next door.  Mr. Standish’s room!  Since she worked last night for Inez she was in the saloon when the disgruntled looser threatened Mr. Standish with retribution.  He had thought the gambler cheated.  Which Emma knew was untrue. 


She quickly sat up and wrapped the quilt around her; she then reached under her pillow and pulled out her gun running out of her room and into the hallway.  She was in such a hurry she didn’t see Buck lying on the floor half in Ezra’s room and half in the hallway.  She tripped over him and landed on the floor beside Ezra’s bed.  Not knowing it was Buck she tripped over she quickly got her bearings and aimed her gun at the man she tripped over. 


“Woe, Woe now Miss Emma it’s just me Buck,” he said putting his hands up so she could see them.


“Buck? What the hell are you doing?” she asked lowering the gun.


“Mr. Wilmington was coming to interrupt my slumber.  It seems I wasn’t the only one he arose this morning,” Ezra drawled from his bed.


Emma looked at Ezra and she couldn’t take her eyes off his muscular smooth chest that she had quite a nice view of due to his shirt being unbuttoned. 


“I thought I heard a gunshot,” she said pulling her cover tighter around her body.


“Oh you did.  Ol’ Ez doesn’t take to kindly to us waking him before ten,” Buck said standing up and coming over to Emma.


Buck extended his hand in a gesture for Emma to take it so he could help her up.  Once on her feet, Buck took a very noticeable glance up and down Emma’s quilt wrapped body.


“Um Emma do you always sleep naked?” Buck asked with his eyebrows raised.


If looks could kill Buck would have been horse feed.


“Mr. Wilmington I believe that’s non of our business,” Ezra said still sitting up in his bed.


“Well I’m glad to see your fine Mr. Standish.  If you’ll excuse me I’m going back to my room now,” she side stepped around Buck and left even faster than she had arrived.


Once out of the room Buck looked at Ezra with a huge grin on his face.


“Now that’s my kind of woman,” he said


“Mr. Wilmington I’ve yet to meet a woman that wasn’t your kind of woman,” Ezra said finally throwing his covers back and sitting on the edge of his bed.


“Yeah, guess your right Ezra.  Still it’s not every day a naked woman comes to your rescue.”


Looking at the wall that stood between his room and Emma’s he got a small grin on his face and then he turned to Buck.


“Do you care to enlighten me as to why I was awaken at such and ungodly hour? Ezra asked putting his gaze on Buck.


“Oh yeah.  Um, Chris wants to you to ride patrol with Vin.  Seems Nathan has a sick patient and can’t go along,” Buck said.


“I see. Tell Mr. Larabee I’ll be down post hast.”


“Ok, don’t be too long getting pretty Ez.  You know how Vin hates to wait on ya'.” And with that Buck was out the door.




As Emma made her way down the steps to the saloon she could see Buck and JD sitting at their usual table.  Thankfully Ezra was nowhere to be seen.  After this mornings rather embarrassing display on her part she wasn’t quite ready to face the gambler.  Even though she knew he’d be a gentleman and most likely not bring it up. 


She crossed behind the bar and headed to the back room where she knew she’d find Inez.  It was Emma’s day off, but she wanted to make sure there wasn’t anything last minute her friend needed  before she headed outside for the day. 


 Inez shooed her telling Emma she needed to take a break and she’d be fine with out her for one day. With that said Emma headed out through the saloon and before she made it to the door she noticed the look Buck gave her.  At that moment she realized the whole town probably knew about this morning.


“Buck and his big mouth,” she said under her breath.




While Ezra rode along in silence beside Vin, his mind was not on his mission at hand, but on a very beautiful blonde woman.


He couldn’t get the image of her standing in front of him in just a quilt with her long curly blonde hair cascading down her back.  She was a beautiful sight and he let his mind wonder to what it would be like to have taken her in his arms and shed her of the covering and have her warm supple body pressed up against his.


“Ezra.  Ezra!” Vin’s voice came breaking him from his daydream.


“I’m sorry Mr. Tanner.  What is it that you were saying?”


‘I was sayin' it’s time to head back to town.  Our shift is over,” Vin said eyeing Ezra curiously.


It wasn’t like Ezra to not say a word while on patrol.  Usually he talked Vin’s ear off.


“Well then by all means, let us be on our way,” Ezra said


As they passed The Potter’s General store Ezra remembered the books he’d asked Mrs. Potter to order.  He told Vin he needed to stop and Vin offered to take his horse to the livery for him. 


While Ezra waited for Mrs. Potter to get the books from the back he spotted something else he needed. When Mrs. Potter returned he asked her to wrap it up as well.  With a raise of an eyebrow she did as he asked. 




Emma headed right for the bathhouse when she returned from her day of riding.  It was always so good to get away for a while and even better to take a nice long bath afterwards. 


After her soothing bath Emma made her way into the saloon and headed straight for the stairs.  She was exhausted and a good book in bed sounded really good.  As she made her way up the stairs she looked over her shoulder and caught Ezra blatantly staring at her.  He had a huge grin pasted on his face and his eyes never left her until she reached the top. 


“What was all that about?” she wondered.


After she had a few lamps lit she finally noticed the robe that was laid out nicely on her bed.  It was beautiful, ivory silk with intricate lace around the sleeves and neckline. 



“Who?” she thought.


 As she picked up the robe she noticed the envelope that was under it.  In beautiful handwriting was her name.  She slowly opened it not sure what to expect.  The parchment inside read:


Dearest Emma,

Please accept my apologies for these morning’s unpleasant events. Please use this gift the next time I am in need of rescue.



As she read it over and over it still hadn’t sunk in that the beautiful robe was from Ezra.  Then again it made perfect sense. Ezra had impeccable taste.  She quickly undressed down to nothing and slipped it on.  It felt so good on her skin.  She let her hair down and stood in front of the mirror. 


“If only he could see me in this.” She thought.


And that’s when she knew what she was going to do.  




Ezra made his way up the steps to his room and before he put his key in the lock he glanced over at Emma’s door and wondered if she liked her gift.   As soon as he saw it he knew it had been made for her.  He thought of knocking on her door, but he didn’t see any light coming from underneath the door so he proceeded to unlocking his door.  The first thing he noticed was that his room was lit.  He never left a lamp lit when he was away.  And then he noticed a figure sitting in his rocking chair near the window.


Emma waited a few moments before she made herself known.  Once she was sure his eyes had adjusted to the glow from the lamp beside the bed she stood.


“Well Mr. Standish it’s quite late.  It must have been a good night at the tables,” she said in a low voice slowly walking towards him.


“I assure you if I had known I had company I would have returned much sooner,” he said looking her over, noticing she had on the silk robe and nothing else.


Emma closed the distance between herself and Ezra very slowly giving him ample opportunity to take in her appearance.  When she was only a few feet away she spun slowly around and then took a few more small steps toward him.


“Tell me Mr. Standish.  How does the robe look on me,” she huskily asked, while putting her hands on his chest.


“More beautiful than I could ever have imagined,” he said while staring into her indigo eyes.


Slowly allowing her hands to venture up his chest and running her fingers through his hair she covered the last bit of distance between them until her chest was pressed against his.


“You don’t have to do this Miss Taylor,” he said while taking her wrists in his hands. 


“In the short time that you’ve know me when have I ever done anything I did not want to do,” Emma said as she looked very seriously into eyes.


When Ezra looked into her eyes he saw the passion and need in them.  He knew then her being there was by her choice alone and not out of obligation. He let go of her wrists and grabbed her by the waste and if possible pulled her even closer into him.  He took her mouth with such force she would have lost her balance if not for his arms around her. They then spoke with their lips what they had wanted to tell one another for weeks. 


They stopped kissing only long enough for Ezra to shed his green jacket and his gun holsters.  Once removed, they embraced once again and slowly made their way to the bed.  After all of their clothes were shed and Ezra was about to turn down the lamp, Emma stopped him.


“No. Please leave it lit.  I want to see everything,” she seductively begged.


“As you wish Emma,” he said lowering his body over hers.


The couple made love several times that night each time with more passion than the first.  Never had either felt so much for another person as they did for one another.  It was a night of wonderful lovemaking and both new it was just the beginning of an exciting relationship. 


As Ezra lay in his bed staring as his beautiful lover who was sleeping like an angel he said a silent thank you to Mr. Larabee for giving him the afternoon patrol.


~The End~